Welcome to South Dakota Liberty

South Dakota Liberty is a our website where we will cover many different topics. In our great country we have the freedom and liberty to do just about anything the mind can imagine. There has never been a time in history where a single person could impact society the way that we can now. The internet and social media have made it possible to one man (or woman) to literally be able to change the world.

However we’ve seen this freedom begin it’s decline over the last several years. Many people may say that it’s all due to Barak Obama, his administration and his policies. While that may be somewhat true… it goes much deeper than that! We choose to take responsibility for what we can change.

The Power of choice
The Power of Choice

That’s why it is up to us as “we the people” to clean out the corruption that has grown in the political class like a cancer. We do that by casting our votes, and making sure that people are elected that will do what they say they’ll do. This writer finds it difficult to understand how so many good men and women can be full of integrity at one point in their life, only to arrive in Washington and completely forget what they stand for?

Well, we still KNOW what we stand for and we will fight to make sure our elected officials fight for those principles.

Now that I’ve gotten off on a political rant, I want to bring it back in for a minute and finish describing what this site is all about. We will feature, discuss, review and talk about a wide variety of subjects. From certain business owners who have impacted their communities… to the small contractor who performed a quality job and should be commended for it, and even some great musicians that are directly impacting their base followers. And yes… we will also be discussing certain politicians and the good things they do, as well as other politicians that are basically full of shit and have lied in a big way to get elected.

So make sure to visit us often, leave comments and join the discussion. You never know… one comment could end up impacting the right person in a way that changes the world!

Just always remember that your decisions are what dictate your fate in life! Your decisions are probably the most powerful choice you have in life. One decision made by one person can literally change the world.

Watch video below about how powerful your decisions are – The Power of Choice.